Zero Level Energy

Do you feel responsible for the planet? Are you concerned about global warming? Are you sure our planet is doomed if we don’t change our habits? Do you want to educate your friends about the importance of environment protection? Zero Level Energy is the perfect game for you! You are the last survivors of a global disaster, stuck in an underground Earth ship. You survived the disaster, but will you stay alive underground?

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After a gigantic solar flare earth’s surface is temporary uninhabitable. Only those survive who could find shelter from the deadly storms. Luckily you are one of them, stuck in an earth ship, underground. However the house is running out of energy! Once it does, there will be no electricity, no lighting, no heating, no air. There are some batteries hidden in the house, if you find it, you might extend your time with a couple of minutes, but it’s not a definitive solution. Your only option is to find the central energy machine and find a way to fix it!

Difficulty: 4/5

Number of rooms: 2

Space required: cca. 25m2

Capacity: 2-6 people

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