The Maffian

’… If you get a chance to play at only one place, make it this one…’

Josh Magness, facebook


The Maffian is a trilling experience where you step into the world famous Bugsy’s office to rob him. The adventure starts in his business room, leads through his armery to finally earn the prize you’re looking for.

The Maffian was designed upon request in late 2015 and build in 2016. Just in 2 months it became the #1 rated room escape game of Las Vegas.

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This is the 40’s of America. A few days ago Bugsy, the maffian stole the blueprints of Las Vegas, which has voluable informations about the construction sites. These informations gives Bugsy unfair advantege on tomorrow’s auction. For this, we must get them back as soon as possible. Fortunately Bugsy has been called away for a meeting, but he’ll be back in 1 hour. You need to search his office for the blueprint while he’s gone, and get out before he comes back. If Bugsy finds you, this will be your last day on earth.

Difficulty: 4/5

Number of rooms: 3

Space required: cca. 45m2

Capacity: 2-6 people


Check out our partner‘s teaser video!

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