The missing puppy

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One day you took your new dog, Ginny an a walk with your friends in the neirby woods. Suddenly heared a noise. First, Ginny just started to bark, then run towards the noise. You followed her, and her trace let you to a house in the woods.  As you got there you knocked on the door, and an old lady opened it. Clearly, she wasn’t happy about your arrival. When you asked her about Ginny, she got angry, yelled at you and chase you away. But as she closed the door, you heared Ginny’s silent howl for help. You knew you were in the right place, but you were sure the lady won’t give her back. After a while the door opened again, and the lady stepped our with water buckets. Probably she went to the spring you saw on the way. As it was around 30 mins from here, you have an hour to free Ginny before the lady comes back.

Made for children age 8-16

Number of rooms: 2

Space required: cca. 40m2

Capacity: 2-6 people

For more information, contact us!