Tanutamon’s tomb



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For quite a while now you are the most notorious resurrectionist in the world.You know, an international research group has been examined the pyramid of Tanutamon, the last member of the XXV. dinasty. But they research is coming to the end. They plan to get in the chamber of the Pharao tomorrow at dawn. According to the recordings there is the most valuable part is the golden mask of the pharao. You are craving for the treasure, you need to get in before the research group does. Their camp is abandoned for the night. You need to grab the opportunity. Unfortunately you got stuck on your way, the sun is about the rise. Soon the camp will be crowded of people. You only left an hour, but since you are professionals, it should be enough.

Difficulty: 3/5

Number of rooms: 4

Space required: cca. 40m2

Capacity: 2-6 people

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