’…this was without a doubt the most elaborate and challenging room EVER!!!’

Katina D., Groupon


If Indiana Jones knew the legend of Napuche, he wouldn’t bother himself with the lost ark, rather to come here searching for adventure. The game starts at the South American raider’s secret bunker with only one goal: find the sanctuary and break the curse of Napuche!

If you want to amaze your guests, this is the game for you! All the handmade props, and never-seen-before solutions will make their face fall, and they won’t be the only one!

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Atfer the WWII band of adventurers started to rob the nearby villages of Mexico city. On one of their raids they found the legend of Napuche the mayan sungod, who has been sleeping for thousands of years now, but there’s a secret ritual to awaken him. They hoped with fulfilling the ritual they’ll get the power of turning stones into gold. Following the instructions of the legend they found Napuche’s statue and his 4 idols needed for the ritual, but before they could finish the ritual due to the outbreak of the mexican civil war they were forced to leave and never came back. But with this they angerd the sungod who cast a curse upon our world. The nights are getting longer and daylight is fading from the world. You only have one chance to restore the ballance. You need to find the statues and make the ritual happen before eternal darkness fall upon us!

Diffuculty: 5/5

Number of rooms: 2

Space required: cca. 40m2

Capacity: 3-6 people

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