Dr. Z.



Sometimes made up stories are not even close being as scary as life produce. We all know that zombies do not exist, but Dr. Z.’s occult experiments are very real! In this wrestling game, the handcuffed players must first get rid of their chains and leave the place where the scientists are holding them, before he returns to experiment on them. It is not out of the question that someone should be ‘sacrificed’ the team to escape.

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At the weekend you went on a camping with your friends. As you were sitting by the campfire a stranger stepped to you and asked if he could join you. Naturally, you let him to. As the time passed by you were drinking and laughing. The stranger pulled out a bottle of his coat, and offered you to have some. You accepted. After a while all of you were getting dizzy and fade out. You woke up in a dark room. Everyone was there except from John. If you remember well he went to get water when the stranger arrived. You have no idea where are you, but you hear John’s voice from the other side of the wall. He told you, after you fade out, the stranger carried you to a house nearby, and locked you up. John saw the whole thing, waited for the perfect time to save you. Fortunately he catched your kidnapper. He was not willing to talk, all he told John to abandon you, because you have no chance to get out. The house belongs to a crazy, satanist scientist, who is already on his way to experiment on you. You need to find your way out! The scientist is on the road, he’ll get here in an hour. That’s all the time you’ve got. Hurry. If John’s find out anything else from your kidnapper he’ll help you.

Difficulty: 4/5

Number of rooms: 3

Space required: cca. 50m2

Capacity: 4-8 people

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