’Pure masterpiece!’

Maár Gergely, facebook


Code13 is LogIQroom’s oldest game. It was designed in 2012, one of the first games where players goal was not just escape, but to fulfill a mission. Even if it had dozens of competiotors that time, it still became the #1 rated real life room escape game of Budapest*.

Code13 is now operating in Budapest, London, Prague, Las Vegas.

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A few months ago a deadly virus called Code13 broke out. Millions of people died across the globe. Seems like there’s no way out, these are the last days of mankind. However, secretly, Dr Stein, the world-famous virologist is trying to find the cure. Unfortunately the doc has been missing for a few days now. Nobody knows what happened to him. All we know about the cure is he did find it and hid it somewhere in his laborathory. It’s up to you to find it, before the virus kills you too!

Difficulty: 3/5

Number of rooms: 2

Space required: cca. 40m2

Capacity: 2-6 people

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