‘The Casino room is my first escape room and I had a blast…’

Cathy Btrans, facebook


Have you ever been into a casino? Have you ever seen the VIP area? What about the safe room? Well, now is the time! Sneak into the backstage of the casino and steal the most precious diamond the world has ever seen!

How many people ask you what is an escape room? Casino is the perfect game to introduce new players! The relative easy gameplay will garantee the sence of achievement.

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Last night was awesome! You were out all night. You lost Lucy somewhere in a club last night, but probably she met somebody. Now you get a call, you hear Lucy screaming. A stranger’s voice is telling you he kidnapped her. In return for her life he expects you to break into a casino, and steal the diamond’s from it’s safe. The clock is already ticking. Steal the diamonds, save your friend!

Difficulty: 2/5

Number of rooms: 4

Space required: cca. 45m2

Capacity: 2-6 people

Check out our partner‘s teaser video!

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