Bomb in the train station

Larger team size, greater profit for you! If you’re targeting a bigger teams, 7-15 people, ‘Bomb in the train station’ is the perfect choice. Insted of the regual 2-6 players in this game up to 15 people can work together to disarm the bomb.  During the game, the team members will go to the waiting room, the office and enter the boiler room. The climax of community flow experience is the end game, which can be solved with the combined, coordinated participation of all players.

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Today, at 2:30pm the LAPD get and anonymus phone call. A lady with terrified voice tells the cops she suspects his brother joined to an extremist group. The other day she found a paper in his room. All it said: bomb, Union Station, wednesday, 4pm. She doesn’t know anything else. By 3pm the police emptied the departure lounge, and sends in the special force. They job is to find and deactivate the bomb. If not, the whole building could collapse and burry them for all.

Difficulty: 3/5

Number of rooms: 3

Space required: cca. 70m2

Capacity: 7-15 people

For more information, contact us!