LogIQrooms offers high quality games, with a variety of stories to tell. Currently we have 11 gameplays completed, but we are continously working on new and new ideas! Escape room and puzzle experts, interior designers and electricians work together to create an experience you will remember for a life.

Why you should choose us?

For years, LogIQrooms concentrated on creating the perfect room escape experience. How could we do that? Instead of investing energy in creating more and more games we concentrated on the players. With serving thousands of people, we studied group behaviour and listening carefully to their feedbacks, we are able to design games which everyone will enjoy.

With every purchased game, you’ll get the following documents:

  • A background story
  • Suggested floorplan
  • Flow diagram with and without furnishing
  • Puzzle guide with pictures of the existing games
  • Flowchart, set up list and hint list for your game masters
  • Full inventory for the game
  • All the printable documents
  • Skype consultation for the time of the construction

If you have any questions, please contact us!

If wou cought your attention, but still have doubts, request to see the our teaser game! The 25 minute game has a full documentation to display the quality of our work!