About us

We were always attracted to special and unique things, and we had a desire about creating something new. This propensity shaped our first room escape game, Code13. It was one of the first games, where the player’s goal was not just to escape, but to complete a gripping mission. Even if Code13 had dozens of competitors during that time, it still became the #1 rated game of Budapest. Soon we opened our new game, Napuche. This Gen2 game has several custom-designed electronic puzzles. If possible, Napuche became even more popular than Code13.

The popularity and success of our games in Budapest spread all around Europe, also overseas. Code13 was build in multiple locations, then we got an order to build a room escape complex in Las Vegas, where we custom-designed and build brand new games. After the opening it became clear how big is the interest for this new attraction, so we got a new order for 7 more games to the same location!

The past 5 years proved our ars poetica: our goal is not just to sell an escape, but to provide a full experience you can never forget. Each of our games has a back story, which helps the gamers to feel like part of it. We shape both the design and the task to match this story. The objects in the games are completely lifelike, but their function is not even close to usual. We design the games non linear in order to keep our gamers in flow, since our creed is to keep everyone involved during the one our they spend as our guests.

LogIQrooms guarantees that your most frequently asked question will be:

when do you open your new game?